Infoplate PLUS™, Hingemate™, Stud-Pro™ and High Water Alarm are now sold through Erie Products LLC
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slopbuster SlopBuster™ Mailbox Protection System
Patented & highly engineered system built to deflect and absorb the impact of slush, ice, and snow thrown by passing snow plows into your mail box. It reduces damage that can lead to costly replacement.
infoplate Infoplate PLUS™ Recessed Wall Outlet System
Coverable wall outlet system recesses cable connectors for computers, telephone, audio, TV, fiber optics, power outlets, switches and others. The Infoplate incorporates a decorative snap on dress cover to hide unused wall outlets.
hinge Hingemate Passive Deadbolt System
Allows the user to replace one screw on the three jamb hinge leaves with a Hingemate. The opposing screw of the hinge leaf mounted on the door is removed and doorframe to accept the Hingemate pin. In closing the door, the Hingemate pins enter the door side of the hinge leaves and act as impenetrable deadbolts..
stud pro

The Stud-Pro™ Specialty Boring Tool
Precisely positions a drill bit for boring holes in studs used for construction and framing. Proper positioning of such holes is important for meeting building code requirements. Properly positioned holes ease the installation of cables, conduit and pipes

alarm High Water Alarm
Excellent for giving early warning of excess levels of water in basements, sumps, boats and many other places where high water can be a problem. Extra loud audible alarm sounds for days on a fresh battery.
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