Stud-Pro Animate Stud-Pro Kit: US $39.95 + Shipping

Specialty boring tool for construction.

The Stud-Pro™ precisely positions a drill bit for boring holes in studs used for construction and framing. Proper positioning of such holes is important for meeting building code requirements. Properly positioned holes ease the installation of cables, conduit and pipes.

Features of the Stud-Pro™

  • Accurate hole location
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates measuring
  • Ideal for unskilled help
  • Universal, will bore right or left handed
  • Will bore at a 45° angle for horizontal to vertical runs
  • Rugged cast aluminum construction
  • Removable handle for tight spaces
  • Hardened steel guide bushing for a lifetime of service
  • Many manufacturers bits can be used with similar shank sizes
  • Snap a single chalk line and bore an entire wall with Stud Pro™

Stud-Pro™ in use

right angle bore
right angle boring
straight boring with drill
straight boring with drill
straight boring
straight boring
run to rise boring
run to rise boring

Take the Guess-work out with Stud-Pro™

Stud-Pro™ helps prevent wires run through wall studs from being penetrated by drywall screws that are harder that the steel nail on guard plates used today to protect wires.
These screws can penetrate the plate when drywall is installed using production screw guns.
Stud-Pro™ keeps the holes drilled in studs located a safe distance from the surface of the stud when typical drywall screws are used.
5 Year Limited Warranty Stud-Pro™ Kit complete with
  • Tool
  • Handle
  • One 3/4" Wood Eater® Bit
  • One 1" Wood Eater® Bit
  • Handy Carrying Case

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Stud-Pro Kit: US $39.95 + Shipping
Extra 3/4inch Bit:
US $4.85 + Shipping

Extra 1 inch bit:
US $5.10 + Shipping

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