Recessed wall outlet system.

Infoplate Animate
Single Package: US $12.50 each + Shipping

Infoplate™ recessed wall outlet system, designed for appealing aesthetics and versatile function.

The Infoplate coverable wall outlet system recesses cable connectors for computers, telephone, audio, TV, fiber optics, power outlets, switches and others. The Infoplate incorporates a decorative snap on dress cover to hide unused wall outlets when not needed; many times outlets are installed on multiple walls of homes and offices for furniture movement. An outlet covered with the dress cover deters unwanted access but is easily removed for use.
The uncovered outlet provides an appealing low profile appearance when in use, while the covered outlet maintains a low profile with a clean appearance. Recessing allows bulky connectors to fall behind the wall plate surface, keeping them free from damage and allowing associated cables to lay closer to the wall. The listed device can also be used with line voltage for the distribution of central UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power to computers and monitors during power failures. Covering these outlets prevents devices other than computer equipment from being plugged in by mistake.
Other applications include wall switches that could be turned on or off by mistake, home theater distribution and a variety of other applications. The set includes the main cover, a dress cover, the box extension, associated hardware and instructions. The Infoplate is designed to accept universally standard decorator style wiring devices and uses a unique versatile mounting box extension for low voltage wiring. Adding a standard plastic electrical box to the rear of the extension allows the use of line voltage devices. The dress cover can be given a variety of wall treatments to blend in with a room’s décor. Installation is done during new construction, remodeling, or existing construction with the multiple mounting options available.

Features of Infoplate PLUS™

  • Universally accepts all Decorator style devices
  • Aesthetically pleasing in use or covered , gain the W.A.F.
  • Low profile outline cover accepts many wall treatments
  • Eliminates protruding connections
  • Listed to UL standards
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Wide variety of mounting methods for new and existing construction
  • Eliminates sharp cable bends effecting signal performance
  • Prevents damage from furniture movement
  • Enhances security through “out of site, out of mind”
  • Prevents children from tampering with plugs
  • Accommodates both 1/2 and 5/8 inch thick wall board
  • Works great behind plasma installations

Infoplate Plus instruction sheet and specifications (PDF format)

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Single Package: US $12.50 each + Shipping

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For Outlet Covers only, see Infoplate PLUS II.
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Existing Construction
existing construction
existing construction
infoplate anim
Above components make up the Infoplate Plus Kit, also included are instructions and mounting hardware. Mounted devices shown below including outlets, ports and frames are supplied by others.

Installed Applications
Leviton frame and portsShown with Leviton frame and ports
cutaway dress coverShown with painted cutaway dress cover
pass & Seymour frame and portsShown with Pass & Seymour frame and ports
Siemons frame and portsShown with Siemons frame and ports
Snap on dress coverSnap on dress cover covering Infoplate
dress cover releaseDress cover release
Device Mounting
Low VoltageLow Voltage
Line VoltageLine Voltage
Wood StudWood Stud
Metal StudMetal Stud
Wood Stud Rough InWood Stud Rough In
Metal Stud Rough InMetal Stud Rough In


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