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November 15, 2002
Press release

Erie Products wins Connectivity Award at EHX conference at Long Beach show.

Erie Products, Sandusky, Ohio wins Distributed Audio Award for the Connectivity category with the Infoplate Plus, recessed wall plate system. Electronic House Expo (EHX) announced the winners of its first annual Distributed Audio Awards contest during the 2002 Fall EHX held in Long Beach, California November 11-14. The Distributed Audio Awards recognize the finest achievements in distributed audio technology introduced during the 2001-2002 year. The judges recognized Distributed Audio Award winners in 10 product categories and a distributed audio product of the year.
The Infoplate™ coverable wall outlet system recesses cable connectors for computers, telephone, audio, TV, fiber optics, power outlets, switches and others. The Infoplate incorporates a decorative snap on dress cover to hide unused wall outlets when not needed; many times outlets are installed on multiple walls of homes and offices for furniture movement. An outlet covered with the dress cover deters unwanted access but is easily removed for use. The uncovered outlet provides an appealing low profile appearance when in use, while the covered outlet maintains a low profile with a clean appearance. Recessing allows bulky connectors to fall behind the wall plate surface, keeping them free from damage and allowing associated cables to lay closer to the wall. [Infoplate PLUS™ Site]

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