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February 1, 2003
Press release

Recessed coverable wall plates improve Aesthetics and Safety in homes.

Structured wiring distribution in homes begs for improvement. Infoplate Plus™ the coverable wall outlet system recesses cable connectors for computers, telephone, audio, TV, and others.
The Infoplate is supplied with a decorative snap on dress cover that can be painted or wall papered to hide unused wall outlets when not needed "cutaway shown". Unlike typical outlets, having protruding and exposed connections, the Infoplate Plus discretely blends into the wall surface when not in use, allowing for plentiful outlets around the home without being offensive.
The Infoplate PLUS™ kit uses a unique mounting frame, allowing decorator style devices to rest below the wall surface. The plates are appealing both uncovered and covered while adding security and child prevention to the home. Infoplate Plus is available in white, almond, and ivory colors.
Infoplate PLUS™ 2 is used for flush applications using existing or new electrical boxes or rough in rings for non protruding connectors. Infoplate PLUS™ 2 is ideal for whole house UPS power installations or just improving aesthetics and child prevention of outlets in the home.
Infoplate kits come complete with mounting frame, main cover, dress cover, hardware, and instructions. You can find more details on the Erie Products Infoplate PLUS™ site. [Infoplate PLUS™ Site]

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