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June 8, 2015
Press release

Erie Products Announces Hingemate® a safety and security device.

Sandusky, OH: The Hingemate® door hinge security pin was developed by Erie Products to provide security and safety worth a thousand times its cost. By taking a few minutes to install the Hingemate, you can insure your property with a lifetime of security.
In closing the door, the Hingemate pins enter the door side of the hinge leaves and act as impenetrable deadbolts. Hingemate provides safety and security of your commercial or residential property that will last a lifetime. The Hingemate passive deadbolt system is zinc plated, case hardened steel made in the USA.
Typical Hingemate uses include:
  • Entry doors, residential and commercial
  • Interior doors, inter office, computer room, records rooms, safe rooms
  • Schools, interior and exterior doors, classroom doors, record rooms
  • Hurricane zones in Florida, which by code require out-swinging doors
Mike Richardson, President said,” Life Safety Codes require that entrance doors on commercial, industrial and institutional buildings swing outward. Because of this, their hinges are mounted with the hinge pins exposed to the outside.”
The unique simplicity of the Hingemate design allows the user to replace one screw on the three jamb hinge leaves with a Hingemate. The opposing screw of the hinge leaf mounted on the door is removed and a 3/8" diameter hole is drilled through the hinge and doorframe to accept the Hingemate pin. [Hingemate® Site]
Erie Products is a USA manufacturer of residential and commercial products.

Media contact: Michael Richardson
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