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May 10, 2002
Press release

Stud boring tool meets code and speeds Electrical wiring and plumbing runs for contractors.

A new and versatile tool called the Stud-Pro™ locates the center of typical wood construction studs and positions a boring bit while being driven by a drill. The tool simplifies the process of boring by providing accuracy and eliminating the need for marking the centers of studs. Building codes require proper setback placement of these bored holes.
The simplicity of the tool allows electricians and plumbers to stretch chalk lines on entire walls then directly bore them as needed with no other marking required. The tool can position the bit for straight run boring as well as angled boring. A hardened steel bushing guides the bits and the strong lightweight cast aluminum body makes handling the tool comfortable.
The Stud-Pro™ comes complete with tool; removable handle for close quarters work and two self-feeding hardened boring bits. Conveniently packaged in a rugged hinged plastic case, the Stud-Pro is available from Erie Products, Sandusky, Ohio [Stud-Pro™ Site]

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